About Will and TechnoBullet

Hello! My name’s Will and I’m just a normal blogger who writes about and loves technology.

I’m a writer on this blog, TechnoBullet, and on the main blog from our group, TechnoTeamBlog. This blog is part of the TechnoTeamBlog group.

You can find us on Twitter at twitter.com/techno_bullet (@techno_bullet) and you can find TechnoTeamBlog on Twitter at twitter.com/TechnoTeamBlog (@TechnoTeamBlog).

Enjoy reading this blog and TechnoTeamBlog,








16 thoughts on “About

  1. Does this site have a Twitter page? I noticed that there’s a twitter page called @technobullet when I was looking at tech news but It doesn’t have many tweets on it so I’m just wondering if it’s actually yours.

  2. Hello there! I need some tech advice. I want to buy the iPhone 5S and I’ve read many reviews on it on sites like CNET and TechRadar. Do you know of any other tech blogs that might have a good review on the iPhone 5S?

    • Personly,I know a few tech websites like CNET and TechRadar-there my main sources.However,TechnoBuffalo should have a review aswell.Plus unboxing videos ect.In my oppinion,it’s Apple’s off year.You don’t NEED to have it but it does look good.But,it’s your call :D. Hope this helps

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