InterDigital execs threatened with arrest!

Execs from patent firm InterDigital are at risk from arrest if they attend a meeting about InterDigtal’s violation of Chinese anti-monopoly law.

“How did this all happen?” you all ask. The patent firm filed a patent infringement complaint to the US International Trade Commission about certain Chinese phones,which includes ZTE and Huawei.This action came to the NDRC and upset them – which lead into an investigation of InterDigital over charges of violating Chinese anti-monopoly law!

To gather evidence(or tell him what’s what,I’m just inferring here),the NDRC arrange a meeting with the CEO of the patent company: Bill Merritt. He was in a board meeting on the date of the meeting and had to decline,and to make a compromise,offered to send some of his key exes to China. It didn’t please the NDRC…this is where the whole arresting threat happened. In a statement to InterDigital’s attorney that…well,in short,his execs won’t be visiting China anytime soon…

In an Email to CNET a spokesperson  said the following:

Our company received, proactively and without being prompted by an inquiry of ours, a communications from the NDRC that said that our US counsel’s safety could not be guaranteed if he accompanies our CEO to China, and that similarly our executives’ safety could not be guaranteed if they travelled to China to represent the company without the CEO accompanying. The meeting, scheduled by the NDRC for December 18 (one day before the ITC is scheduled to rule on our patent case against Huawei and ZTE), was intended by the NDRC to force a “confession” of monopolistic activities on the part of our CEO.



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