Google Autocorrect

Google likes to guess things, like what you’re going to search for etc… But now, I think Google has gone a bit too far with its Autocorrect feature.

It has been reported that someone has searched Google to find out how to make a remote control aeroplane. When the person typed this in, Google auto-corrected his search to “How do I build a radio controlled bomb”, and this is obviously bad.

The man is now in quite a lot of trouble, as you would guess. He worked as a defence contractor, employed by Appian. He claims that government investigators monitored almost everything he did, from what he bought to what he did on the Internet. He is claiming against this on his civil rights and disclosure of his private information and retaliation.

His claims are not against Google, but they’re against government officials: Attorney General Eric Holder, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Secretary of State John Kerry (among others).

“Kantor’s coworkers at the Army, including Northrop Grumman contractors Quem Lumi, Stephanie Buchner and Mike Steinbeck, would repeat back Kantor’s private information, including emails, websites he went to, library books he got from the library, conversations he made in his house or in his car, phone calls, information about the contents of his house, and then someone would immediately say that there is a person who dropped dead from hypertension.”

He has been fired from Appian but is fortunately still working on behalf of other contractors, however, he still claims that he has still been harassed.


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