10.5B dollers on automating Apple’s production line

Apple will send billions on automating certain tasks on the production line.

Apple made a 10-k filing which noted that there was $11b for capital expenditures for 2014,out of which,10.5B will be spent on will be spent on  product tooling, manufacturing process equipment, and corporate facilities…You get the deal(The rest of the list:infrastructure, including information systems hardware, software, and enhancements.)

Bloomberg,who reported on the story,said that most of the $10.5B will be spent on automating the production of the iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks, among other devices.

By citing people who had knowledge of the company’s manufacturing methods Bloomberg were able to say that some of the automated stuff will be for polishing the plastic on the iPhone 5Ccarve the MacBook’s aluminum body, and test the camera lens on the iPhone and iPad.

Apple intends to place the automated machines in their partners factories in Asia.

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