Want a Nexus 5 in black some time soon? Too bad!

After the shipping slowly increased over the last two weeks,the 16GB model of the Nexus 5 has sold out.

People wanted to buy the phone on the Google Play page got this message “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.”

Shipping dates have also increased for other models,for example,the 16GB white will now ship in four to five weeks.The black 32GB model will ship in three to four weeks and the white 32GB model ships in two to three weeks,and the 32GB models cost $400.

The manufacturer of the Nexus 5,LG, are known just to build models when there is supply,and not stocking up a huge supply before the product is released.




2 thoughts on “Want a Nexus 5 in black some time soon? Too bad!

  1. Hello!

    I’ve always liked this blog, and now I like it even more! This is a brilliant archive site for Will’s posts on TechnoTeamBlog and his other posts and I think that the transformation project of this blog is great.

    Keep the good work going,
    Adam (Writer on TechnoTeamBlog)

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