T-Mobile:Small print

Hey people who want to go into a T-Mobile store and come out with a free tablet and 200MB of free data without putting any money on the table,your out of luck.

The plan,known as the no-money-down plan,will have to sign up for a £12.53 insted of a £6.26 on-demand plan.This is because of an “executional mistake.”

“So?” you ask. In simple terms,the  £12.53 plan is worse than the £6.26 plan.

The “On-demand” contract(the £6.26 per-month plan)) was just a fee for staying on T-Mobile’s network.The other one(the £6.26 oer-month contract)Only gives you a 500MB on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE. You still get the free 200MB of data,but it dosen’t kick in until you sign up.

Exsisting coustmers with phone plan can access the 200MB without adding any additinal plans,so will people who paid full price for there tablet from T-Mobile.

Here is what marketing executive Andrew Sherrard said to CNET

“As we roll into this new market, things have been a little bumpy,” Sherrard conceded. “It’s not as smooth as we would want it to have been.”


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