Windows 8.1 and why the post is late

First of,my router pooped it self…it really did! Basicly,our house had a power surge and there was a flash…that being the power brick kinda exploding. That’s why it was late :p.

So…Windows 8.1.Microsoft’s last ditch effort to save Windows. But-has it has it saved Windows?

On first impression,yes! When you first login,you have the new,colourful Metro start screen. In Windows 8 all the tiles(excluding all the Microsoft pre-installed crap)was all the same colur.In Windows 8.1,however,you have lots of colurs.I mean,look at my start page…

My start-screen in Windows 8.1

My start-screen in Windows 8.1

I mean,look how more colorful it is.Amazing

Still talking about Metro,the search has been improved. It just has the search results in the same bar as the search box.Not over the whole screen.It aslo,in my experience,is slightly more accurate.

If you don’t like the new search,don’t despair. By pressing a little arrow and it’ll bring you a list of all the apps on your PC.With a little search bar which works like the old search in Windows 8.

One more little feature,only a little one….THE START BUTTON IS BACK!!!!!!! But not in the way I hoped. By clicking it will transfer you from Metro to desktop and vise versa. If you right-click it you’ll get a little menu with most of the features of the start button.I wanted a start button,that was a start button!!! But,hey!Beggars can’t be chooses.

I’ve also noticed some nice animations.One on when you login and it says “Welcome,” and moving from Metro to desktop.Only little ones.

So that was Windows 8.1 in a nutshell-hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for reading,remember to like and comment.

Stay nerdy peeps!! 😀


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