Everybody is getting into the smartwatch game,or at least Google is

It looks like Google is entering the smartwatch game.

9to5Google,which is part of the 9to5 network if you hadn’t guessed,say that the Google smartwatch is just about ready to go.Citing from an anonymous source.If that source is accurate,we could have our very own Android smartwatch :D.Yay!

Here is a quote from the source

Google now  acts as your virtual personal assistant, offering answers to your questions and displaying information relevant to you. The same e-mails, appointments, directions, and other data that appear on your smartphone would then be directed to your smartwatch. Google is also trying to equip the watch with a longer battery charge and Bluetooth 4.0 support

This is following a trail of rumours of a Google smartwatch called the Nexus Gem.It may be released on October 31.

Thanks for reading there was a bit more but all it was is that would Google make the market better…nope.


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