Nominate someone for a free Chromebook!

If you know somebody-or a cat-who needs a Chromebook,get Google to give them a HP Chromebook.

Google have started a campaign to promote the Chromebook by giving some out for free to people who will make the internet “amazing.”They’ve made the rules quite “qwerky” by saying stuff like the people have to be “tech savior,” “cryptic updater,” “snap-happy parent,” “computer hog,” “link spreader,” and “selfie fanatic.Or you can just nominate yourself.

You can nominate people by telling them via the internet to click a link and upload a picture to be judged.Quite simple I’d say.

There are 922 Chromebooks left in the promo when this was written and there’s not a very good chance of getting a Chromebook.But hey,a miracle may happen.

Thanks for reading.

Stay nerdy peeps!


Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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