Nest:reinventing the smoke alarm

Nest,that company who make the cool thermostats,are now looking into smoke detectors are they’re next smart products.

Nest(if you don’t know what they do)is that company who like to make norma,ordinary items smart and extraordinary.The CEO was part of Steve Jobs’s “inner circle.”So thats how he thinks of his ideas.His plan is to reinvent items that are “unloved.”

He chose smoke detectors because he thought that innovation really needed to be done in the area,to quote” Why not smoke detectors? Why hasn’t there been any innovation since the ’70s in smoke detectors as far as I can tell? They look basically the same. They do basically the same thing. And they annoy you the same as they did the ’70s when I was growing up”What he’s talking about there is that they’re isn’t any real innovation in the Market.And that they’re just plain annoying!Going off in the middle of the night,going off when you’ve burnt the roast dinner,ect.

I can also tell that he’s saying how widespread smoke detectors are.There are about 4 in every house and they could be making a good profit.

These devices aren’t going to be cheap,about $125 but the CEO thinks it worth it.

If you think about a combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, today in the marketplace they’re $69, $79, $89, somewhere in that. So we said, “Let’s try to make the product as best as we possibly can — really reinvent the product.” When you do that, you’re going to … add different types of technologies to it. And we think that $129 is a great value base price. If I could have made it cheaper, I would.

Hope you like the post hope you enjoyed it.

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