Ginger-from Adobe

Adobe has created an app for creating video presentations,but it’s only for beta testers.

“Ginger is now in beta, and you’re invited to join the Ginger prerelease program, which will give you exclusive access to Ginger before it’s released to the public,” the company said Tuesday in a message to those who signed up to try the software. “You’ll be able to share the videos you create using Ginger with anyone, so you can share your story.”

Adobe are trying to keep what the app will look like a secret,because beta testers will have to sign a confidentiality agreement  before being to test the software.

Ginger is part of Adobe’s plan to expand to smartphones and tablets,not just Mac and PCs.

Ginger is aimed at the creative core of the company.To say it’s to make creative video presentations about sales pitches, product explanations,ect.

By doing this,Adobe aren’t saying that you’ll be able to get Ginger anytime soon.Adobe are still “playing”with it.

Adobe will be having a rough road ahead,there are many apps like Google Slide,Keynote and Prezi are very good for doing  sales pitches, product explanations,ect. I don’t think having them as a video will make much difference.Plus,there’s a company called Brainshark who will convert PowerPoint into videos.

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Stay nerdy peeps! 😀


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