The death of the YouTube comment trolls?

YouTube video producers are being given Google Plus comment moderation powers for the comments on their videos.Is this the end of the YouTube comment troll?

This will provide the video producers with multiple comment moderating tools,says Nundu Janakiram, product manager at YouTube.

He also said “Currently, you see comments from the last random person to stop by,” Janakiram said. “The new system tries to surface the most meaningful conversation to you. We’re trying to shift from comments to meaningful conversations.”

(By the way this first part will be based on the GooglePlus part).

The comments are grouped by how reverent they are.For example,somebody who has been flagged for being a troll your comment will be buried under a pile of comments.This also means,sadly,that 1 video winners will get priority as well as  celebrities .

Plus,you will also see comment on Google Plus about your YouTube video will show up on YouTube to!

Now for the moderation tools.

They include censoring some words,review certain comments and whitelisting certain commenters so they’ll always be approved.

Plus,video makers can make a video just for their top fans on Google Plus.

At the moment,there features are only being given to a limited(and famous)group of selected YouTubers.

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Stay nerdy peeps 😀



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