Apple event :D

Ok,I just watch the latest apple event and here’s the info.Starting with a top 10


10:No iWatch,however,a co processor that can be an iWatch

Aka,Apple’s M7 chip.It’s used in the iPhone 5S for fitness apps.Could this be the motion chip in the iWatch?

9:iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 discontinued

it’s real-the iPhone 5Cheap!With it’s plastic body and multiple colours.I don’t think it’s really that exciting.

8:Finger unlocking

Yep,the rumours were true,the iPhone 5S has finger print readers called Touch ID.You use it via the new home button.I do like this feature,but I don’t like the idea of having my fingerprints stored somewhere on the phone.


like the iPhone camera,it’s one of the best in-class.So I like the new iPhone camera.I just like it and I’m not an Apple fanboy.

6:Colours 😀

This generation of iPhone’s are so colourful,even the iPhone 5S has three colours!I love colours,and it takes the colour advantage back from Android.

5:A7 processor

It’s 64 BIT!The first 64 bit phone processor available on the market!Plus,Open GL/ES 3.0!That’s a very big gaming thing.I’d rarther not explain because it’s VERY nerdy.


This is(what I think) is Apple’s big iPhone one moment.I love it,lot’s of changes,lot’s of stuff.(Sorry if I’m keeping things short).

3:Just Apple events

There short and sweet I just like them.


There is no two,straight to number one!

1:The everything!

I just love all the things. IDk

For people who want the full tech thing,here it goes…

So Apple started with its iTunes festival and then the iOS 7 catch-up.Then the iPhone 5C and its features.Then the iPhone 5S and all the awesome features like open GL.Then a demo and an artist on stage.DONE



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