NSA dosen’t just spy on us,it spys on Google to!

The NSA(National Security Agency)has allegedly been poking though the network saves from Google,a Brazilian oil company, and an international bank cooperative in its hunt for terrorists!In simple terms,anything you Googled has been looked at by the government…

Gobo,which is a Brazilian TV network,reported that NSA agents to hack into networks and the report the NSA made.

They targeted very heavily used websites.Google is something i don’t need to explain about how much its used, Petrobras  is a massive oil producer and SWIFT(an American bank) has lots of people’s back details.

Gobo also found a slide show which was dated May 2012,otherwise there is no date on when they spied on us.Most of the information is from Edward Snowdon who exposed lots of information about the US government snooping around our stuff.

This is the news that REALLLLLY winds me up.There not spying on terrorists,instead they’re spying on normal people who haven’t done anything wrong!Plus,you have to be very dumb to Google “How to make a bomb!”They should spend more money-getting people IN gangs so they can record some good evidence.

Here’s what James Clapper, Director of National Intelligence said:

It is not a secret that the Intelligence Community collects information about economic and financial matters, and terrorist financing.

We collect this information for many important reasons: for one, it could provide the United States and our allies early warning of international financial crises which could negatively impact the global economy. It also could provide insight into other countries’ economic policy or behavior which could affect global markets.

Our collection of information regarding terrorist financing saves lives. Since 9/11, the Intelligence Community has found success in disrupting terror networks by following their money as it moves around the globe. International criminal organizations, proliferators of weapons of mass destruction, illicit arms dealers, or nations that attempt to avoid international sanctions can also be targeted in an effort to aid America’s and our allies’ interests.

What we do not do, as we have said many times, is use our foreign intelligence capabilities to steal the trade secrets of foreign companies on behalf of — or give intelligence we collect to — US companies to enhance their international competitiveness or increase their bottom line.

As we have said previously, the United States collects foreign intelligence — just as many other governments do — to enhance the security of our citizens and protect our interests and those of our allies around the world. The intelligence Community’s efforts to understand economic systems and policies and monitor anomalous economic activities is critical to providing policy makers with the information they need to make informed decisions that are in the best interest of our national security.

That’s it peeps,hope you enjoyed the post! 😀




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