Gorilla Glass NBT

Gorilla Glass NBT, a special hard glass for notebooks, has been developed.

The standard glass, mainly for smartphones, can handle it’s fair share of life. But one push can cause a crack to appear in the middle of your screen! On notebooks the risk is higher because they’re mostly bigger and more expensive.

That’s why NBT was created. This isn’t the glass used to protect devices from you dropping them, but the glass used to prevent cracks and scratches from appearing on your screen. According to Corning, who are the creators of Gorilla Glass NBT, notebook complaint rates for scratches are twice as high as for smartphones.

Obviously, NBT will cost more than the regular Gorilla Glass, but clients will notice that the new glass is much stronger and is worth the extra cost (hopefully).

Here’s what Corning said about they’re new product:

“For just 1 to 2 percent of a device’s retail price, Gorilla Glass NBT provides 8 to 10 times more damage resistance than soda-lime alternatives.”

Dell have already signed-up for NBT to be integrated into they’re fall line-up of notebooks.


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