Google The record breaker

It’s official folks, Google is one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Just look at Google’s Internet traffic!

Internet monitoring firm DeepField, who manages how much internet traffic a site gets, say that Google has set a new internet record, by handling nearly 25 percent of North America’s web traffic though its servers.

Here’s a quote from a blog post by Craig Labovitz from DeepField:

“Based on measurements of end device and user audience share, Google is now bigger than Facebook, Netflix and Twitter combined,” Deepfield’s Craig Labovitz wrote in a blog post. “An amazing 60 percent of all Internet end devices/users exchange traffic with Google servers during the course of an average day. This analysis includes computers and mobile device as well as hundreds of varieties game consoles, home media appliances, and other embedded devices.”

According to another source of Internet traffic analysis, Labovitz, Google is also getting views with its analytics, hosting, and advertising platforms. Labovitz also say that another source of view are its Cache Servers. They’re used by the majority of US ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and ISPs in many other countries (I’m not sure if the UK is one of them).

This is a MASSIVE leap from when DeepField did their last survey, which was in 2010. Back then, Google was only managing 6% of Internet traffic! And TechnoTeamBlog didn’t exist!


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