Best free games

This is what the app store is about,here are the top 5(in my opinion).By the way,these are the WELL known games.I’ll do an indie one if you want to.


5:Temple Run 2

It’s a great game,it really is.However,it’s not as good as the original temple run.

4:Angry Birds

It’s a classic,the game that most people buy as soon as they get they’re phone.However,many other games(like Angry Birds Space)that have made it,well,not that have beat it.

3:Temple run

I know,it’s “worse” than Temple Run 2.But,i think it’s better.Because you don’t have to do all the stuff and that.

2:Minecraft PE

Ok,ok.I know it’s crap compared to computer and Xbox edition.However,for what the iPod  can do,it’s great.Think about it,it’s quite good.For not really having a controller,the controls are good.It has most of the things Xbox and computer edition have.You may think different,but I like it.

1:Angry Birds Space

Well,I had to.I didn’t chose AB Star Wars because it’s a crappy thing.(in my opinion).Anyways,it adds a lot,without being crap.I just love it.





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