Another iOS rumour:Air Play in your car

Apple’s hopefully upcoming car feature will work via Apple’s Air Play.What does this mean? It may mean that you won’t have to hook up your idevice to your car.

Hamza Sood,who is a developer,found code in the beta version of iOS 7 which gave the user two options.One is one called “iOS in the Car over USB” and another called “iOS in the Car over WiFi.”

Unveiled in June at Apple’s WWDC event,iOS in the Car will integrate your iPhone with your auto’s onboard receiver or “infotainment” system.”How is this better than BlueTooth?”you ask.Well,you can use Siri via this.Better?No,me neither.

There is another advantage,all you have to do is sync up once and that’s it.Plus,your phone and your car will communicate while you drive!

What do you think?


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