Yahoo:the bar is everywhere(they own)

Yahoo,the owner of Flicker,has decided to put they’re bar on Flicker pages.With bad results.

About last week,Yahoo added they’re trademark bar to Flicker.What makes this interesting,not much really.Apart from people objections.

As soon as the bar appeared,everybody went and complained on the fourms.One Flicker user wrote”This takes up valuable real estate when I’m trying to view my Flickr account and photos. There’s no obvious way to remove it.”That launched a massive thread of hate,like something like that does(welcome to the internet).

On some browsers,like FireFox(for me at least),the bar stays stuck at the top of the screen.:D

In a comment on the form, Yahoo’s Thea Lamkin explained Yahoo’s rationale, saying more people will see photos with the change, and added that the company is listening to feedback.

“The idea is to make it easier to access other places in the Yahoo! network and make visiting Yahoo! pages a more seamless experience. This also lets your photos benefit from a wider audience,” Lamkin said. Later, she added, there’s no way to opt out.”

Her comment didn’t impress the skeptics.

“I think I speak for many of us when I say that I have absolutely no interest in accessing much of anything in the Yahoo! network, and this obtrusive, ugly pop-up doesn’t exactly increase my interest in Yahoo! It smacks of desperation on Yahoo’s part,” added user Sinister Blue Note. “Successful companies don’t rely on permaspam.”

“The look and feel here is about photos and being unbounded,” said Yahoo Chief Executive Marissa Mayer of the Flickr changes. The new menu bar, though, shrinks the screen space for photos and introduces a bright element that doesn’t match Flickr’s darker scheme.”

Yahoo didn’t comment.




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