IE 11,touch is everywhere

Microsoft’s latest web browser,Internet Explorer 11,comes with an array of touch stuff that I don’t care about…and…Microsoft I will not get a touchscreen computer!!

In a blog post announcing the launch of IE 11,Microsoft talked about all the “touch optimized” features they have put in.They include the “stick to your finger” feature that allows users to pan, zoom, and swipe around a Web site.They can also go back a page by swiping back.

However,despite all the smartphones and tablets,it’s not good on Windows- Microsoft’s main platform.Unless you have a touchscreen.Which most don’t…

Strangely,IE 11 is coming to Windows 7,nice to know that Microsoft understands that we all don’t want to use Windows 8.But we don’t know when the Win 7 version will be launched.


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