Vine has an Android app now

Twitter,who owns Vine, is rolling out an Android app for Vine-months after the iOS app release.

If you don’t know what Vine is,let me tell you.Vine is a looping 6 second video/porn service.That’s all it is!

The app launched on Jan 24th for iOS users and has 13 million users already(that’s  a lot of users),all on iOS.That forced Android users  into circumstances to view the snippets.

The Android app gets everything the iOS one gets:easy video making with auto playback:The Explore Feature(ads for poplar stuff) and Find Friends to find and add friends.

Plus,Android get a feature that iOS doesn’t:zoom!

Vine says that users will get frequent updates with new features– including front-facing camera, search, mentions and hashtags, and the ability to share to Facebook –and patches to sort out the teething problems.

Of corse,they’re a lot of Tweets,mainly good,but some users reported problems like trouble finding the app in the play store,ect.

Most of the problems have been fixed.

The iOS and the Android apps,sadly-and to nobody’s disappointment,the two apps aren’t in sync.However,Twitter promise “that won’t be the case for long.”

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