hey Windows,Android has taken your Acer away

Acer AIO uses Intel's upcoming Haswell processor.

The so-called “PC”

“Less Windows,More Android,”is what Acer are kind-of saying with their new DA220HQL All In One(AIO)”PC.”

This “PC”,which is due to be announced next week ,will have a Intel 3GHz Core i5 4430 “Haswell” processor and run Android(I bet you guessed the Android part).(And,yes,the device is confirmed).

Expect me to being doing  a lot of these types of posts because PC vendors are announcing new systems based on Intel’s upcoming Haswell and Bay Trail chips.Intel has been laying not-so-subtle hints that Android laptops are on the way,which will cost between $200 to $300.

Back to the main point:Acer.The AIO will sell for less than £263  at some places,though most retailers will sell it for £279.And some are more,which mean that they’re a rip-off.

Android is why it’s cheap.Windows 8 PCs need more expensive hardware and costs more than Android.The Acer only has 8GB of memory compared to my computer which has 500GB.

Thank you for reading this post.


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