Xbox One controler:10 years of button-mashing goodness

Microsoft has been testing the Xbox One controller and say that it can last over 10 years!

In an interview,Microsoft accessories and hardware manager Bob Brown said that they’d been testing the controller by pressing its button “over and over, between 4-5 times a second.”That’s a lot of testing!

“how do they test if the button still functions?”you might say.Well,when the button is pressed,a computer analyzes its function to ensure its sending a signal back to a console.If it doesn’t send the signal,the errors are analyzed and the device is improved.Also,the control sticks are knocked around and the control is dropped to test it for shock resistance.

According to the people who did the interview(who are called  Pocket-lint),all that testing has payed off.The latest prototype can handle 3 million button presses before the break,that means that Microsoft estimates that the controller has more than 10 years of life.Also,Microsoft tends to replace the Xbox every 7 years so it means that games won’t have to buy a new controller(gives them the excuse to make the controllers more expensive?).

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