A cheaper iPad Mini expected,according to Citi

The iPad mini isn’t cheap(for its class).But,it may be getting cheaper,according to a report from Citi.

According to Citi’s Glen Yeung in a note,Apple is shifting to cheaper products.

“Supply chain checks by Citi’s Asia-Pac Technology Team suggest a mix shift surprisingly toward Apple’s older iPhone4/4S,” he wrote.He also wrote “And with our expectation of a low-end iPhone slated for September launch, followed by a sub-$250 iPad Mini, we expect this trend to persist.”

There has been lots of speculation about cheaper Apple products,under $250 isn’t a hot-topic.It’s stuff like the iPad Mini with Retina Display.

Also,the note mentions  a comment by Apple Chief Operating Officer Peter Oppenheimer further supporting the idea of cheaper products.”We are managing the business for the long-term and are willing to trade-off short-term profits where we see long-term potential,” Oppenheimer said during the most recent earnings conference call.

There were also details about “mixing to the low-end” were also provided in the note. “September quarter…low-end iPhone (15 million units) & iPhone4/4S (10M) volume, will likely meet or exceed that of iPhone5S (10M) and iPhone5 (5M).”



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