Overview of Xbox event:by Tom:edited by me :)

Communication in TV mode

“Communication in TV mode” allows us to communicate with other Xbox Live users whilst watching TV on the new Xbox One. I think this feature is great, because you can talk to somebody else about what you’re watching on TV without having to open another application.

Microsoft just said that the “XBOX One” will be released later this year.

Xbox One


Xbox One is the new gaming console from Microsoft. At the moment, we don’t know many details about this console.

One new feature we do know about is “Snap-Up”, which lets you run 2 applications at once with 1 screen. This is also a feature of Windows 8.

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my part

I really think the event was disappointing,just like the PS4 event.However,E3 is just around the corner and that’s when the rubber hits the road(or the s**t hits the fan).

The Xbox is my favorite console(don’t judge)and I’m really excited for the 720 or the One-whatever.I’m really looking forward to it

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