Google I/O keynote wrap up

Google’s keynote at I/O has just finished(for me)and this is a wrap up sort of thing of  what happened for the people who didn’t see the event.

Firstly there’s the GS4 “Google version”.This is like the Nexus 4 but better(because it’s a GS4).Meaning that it has the “pure” version of Android.I know;I can’t believe it either!

Dev’s your life is easer!

Firstly,all you have a IDE based of a some amazing platform that I don’t use so I don’t remember the name!It has all the strings in insert things.It looks really good.

Secondly,you can find a translation service in the IDE!Yes,that’s right:in the IDE!!You still have to pay,but who cares.

Lastly,you all get a ChromeBook Pixel.

Google Music,Google has beaten Apple to the gun

That’s right,Google has released a music streaming service:beating Apple.This was a bit about the blue,but it’s still cool.It also has a radio “without rules”.Basicly,you add and delete the songs blahblahblah.

It looks quite cool for me.

Also,there’s the explore thing which is just a  big advertisement for me(I wonder how this will boost their bottom line).

Thanks for reading.;)





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