What to expect from Google IO

I know,I should be doing a “what to expect from WWDC”but I want to do this!Shut-up and deal with it,ok?

Anyway,here is a list of things to expect

Number one:I’ve forgotten my Google Wallet!

Sadly,Google Wallet is a no-show.Google were planning to release a physical card,however the demo run wasn’t exactly ideal so C.E.O Larry Page canceled it.

This doesn’t mean that they’ll be announcements for Google Wallet at IO,like rewards and enhancements.Just no big release.

Number 2:Go onto Google maps redesign Blvd

This is something we haven’t heard much chatter about,a redesign of Google Maps.

The Google System Blog,which isn’t affiliated with Google,reported that Mountain View is planning a major redesign of Google Maps.Some minor changes our the removal of the sidebar,search results filtered by Google+  recommendations,ect.

Is this true?,I guess we’ll find out at Google IO.

Number 3:New Nexus 7?

Google’s current Nexus 7 is getting to its retiring age and that means it’s time for a new one.

Ever since the iPad Mini was released,a 7-inch tablet is what people really want-and this would be perfect timing for the new Nexus 7.It’s very affordable and is a very big challenge to the iPad Mini.

The rumour mill says that Google will partner with Asus,who made the current Nexus 7,I’ll expect that the screen will have a better ppi to compete with the iPad Mini 2 with Retina display.

Number 4:Google Now to take over homepage?

According to some source code,Google is preparing to replace the Google Homepage with a version of Google Now  which would give you a personalized landing page.This I think is interesting.

Number 5:Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

It’s been a while since Android got a new version number,because Google have been working with the number 4  a bit.

The current Android name it Jelly Bean so Google’s naming convention of going down the alphabet via dessert names puts it Key Lime Pie.

As you know,many phones don’t run 4.2 Jelly Bean so we’ll see it being released but it won’t be hitting your phone anytime soon.

There’s a word from “trusted internet sources” that Google won’t debut KLJ at IO to give phone makers time to catch up.

Also,there are rumours that Google will introduce an Intermittent Jelly Bean update in the form of Android 4.3 at IO,according to the Android Police.

Number 6:Nexus 10 with cell service

The Nexus 10,if you don’t know,is the Nexus 7 but with a 10-inch screen.To say,it’s affordable,good build quality,it’s great.Appart from the face that it has no cell service option.

That means  that it’s expectant on Wifi and Google fans have been wondering when the Nexus 10 will get the backing of AT&T and T-Mobile.

I think that this could happen soon.

Number 7:Google Glass news

Google Glass explorer edition is out and we’ve heard about all its ad preventing features and all that.But I think that Google Glass still has something up its sleeve.

E.g,we’ve only seen a few third-party apps that are in the works and Google IO is a dev confrence.That means that it’s the perfect place- it’s full of developers.

Number 8:32Gb Nexus 4 with LTE

This unconfirmed phone is said to offer lots of goodies,mainly LTE and CDMA both of which have limited coverage.

Also,there’s word of Google releasing a 32Gb version which would address the lack of storage in the 8 and 16 GB versions.Thi should allow Google to do some pretty fun stuff…#

Number 9:Game Google

This year,Google IO will have a lot of games in it.

On the first day,has a very heavy helping of games and game related dev sessions.The helping is so heavy that it’s double the last year combined!There’s going to be a lot more stuff like that.There’s a lot!

Number 10:What I think

I’m lazy,so I’m just having this as my opinion.

I think that the Nexus 4 will get something new,the Nexus 10 might get an update,Google Glass is going to be 50% of the show and that most of the thing are true…

Except lots of them…




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