The next iPhone might not be called the 5S

The iPhone 6 instead of  the iPhone 5s,don’t be stupid!However,this could be Apple’s next smartphone name according to a little hint…

Stuff,which is a gadget site thing,reported that it had received a photo purportedly of a till in a Vodaphone store with”4G iPhone 6″ listed.

If it’s in the system,it means that they’re expecting or getting stock of that phone.This looks like a very good indication,not only that the next iPhone will be coming soon,that the iPhone will be called the six.Not that much of a two for the price of one,if you get what I mean(you’re not expected to understand it).

The name of the phone is widely expected to be the 5s because Apple has a habit of putting a “s” in front of the name of the phone.Then again,Apple doesn’t really need to invent names for their products.All they do is add 1 to the last version of the product.

In the old days, or a couple of months ago, the “s” version of the phone had little updates and disappoint people.The main versions of  the phone have the better updates.

If we do get the iPhone 6 this year I’ll be extremely surprised.

I think that it was a mistake and we’re getting the iPhone 5s.But you can always dream.



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