Future iPhone could have invisible buttons!

Sometime in the future,the iPhone could have invisible buttons.Also,the Cows can fly in the future.But,you don’t want or hear about that.

The U.S Department of Patents and Trademarks granted Apple a patent which was dubbed “Disappearing button or slider.”It describes how many controls on the iPhone  and other devices would normally stay hidden and will only fully appear when needed.

To make it more hidden/invisible,the button or slider would be made with the same.However,that would make it hard to find.Therefore,they might be putting little hole which would have a light behind it so you could locate it.

The slider control would operate in the same way.

The patent also included other devices that could sport controls like the ones above.For example,a touch-screen laptop with a control that would  only show if a DVD was inserted or something was put-in into the USB port.

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