Rants:Apple’s pricing

Why is Apple’s pricing so expensive?There’s no point.

I really don’t get it,most of the software is free.OSX is just an advanced version of Ubuntu,Ubuntu is free!And before you say”it has a lot of improvements”your wrong.Most of the symbols,picture,ect are the same!

They have hight quality stuff inside,I know that.But,I can build a computer with the same specs for less.And if i want to add the latest processor,I can.You can’t do that with a Mac.

The iPhone is the one decently priced product.However,it ain’t problem free.It’s WAY more expensive than the S4,and I think that the S4 is better!That’s right,I know my Gravatar picture is an Apple picture,but I prefer the S4.And so does CNET.The s4 has a better rating!

Thanks for reading.If you want more rants,leave a comment below.


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