Twitter alerts people that they have been hacked

Twitter has responded to high-profile organisations like The Guardian and The Associated Press having their Twitter accounts hacked by sending out a best practise advise email….

This email came via Twitter’s social media site’s partnerships team.That team manages the company’s relationship with industry from a “best practise” perceptive.And make sure bad words about Twitter goes in the news.Wait,what?

“There have been several recent incidents of high-profile news and media Twitter handles being compromised,” read the email. “We believe that these attacks will continue, and that news and media organisations will continue to be high-value targets to hackers.”

The BBC revived such an email and it was the tips that they tell every bussness.Have a password that’s over 20 characters  comprising random strings of letters and numbers using an isolated computer for the sole purpose of assessing Twitter.And the rest was just boring stuff.

Twitter is believed that they’re rolling out multi-authentication.Multi-auth requires people to verify their id by using a code which gets sent to your phone when logging in,if you didn’t know what it was.

However,multi-auth wouldn’t really be that good for companys.Thay need to log in from different places all the time and they need to post quick.Also,it isn’t a good idea to have only one computer for Twitter.

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