Wavii is now part of Google,how muh of the internet do they own now?

Wavii screenshot

Google has acquired Wavii,which launched last year,for £18m,$30m for the american viewers,,according to the BBC.

If you don’t know what Wavii is-like me-let me fill you in.Wavii was created by   engineers who previously worked for Amazon and Microsoft and gives you personalised news stories and blogs and stuff like that.

Apple was also keen to buy the start-up,so it could incorporate into its Siri feature to make it a bit better(I think it’s not that good.)

For Google,this was a good deal,Yahoo acquired Summly,which is an app that summarises the news,for lots of money.

Yahoo added Summly to its App Store app earlier this week.

Google and Wavii didn’t reveal the price(like most of the time this happens)but rumours say it was about $30m.

It was closely integrated with Facebook,but it’ll probably be closely integrated with Google+(a bad thing for me).

The Wavii website,before it was took-over by Google,claims that the basic idea behind Wavii is service is to summarise everything that users care about.

“We knew that we really liked what Facebook did… clearly summarizing everything our friends are doing into a simple, structured feed, and adding in related events and photos,”the website explained.


Why can’t we get all of our news that way?


Wavii set out to solve this by making a similar feed that covers every topic in the news you might want to follow… or as we sometimes describe it, to make Facebook out of Google,” it adds.

Its connection to Facebook(soon to be Google+,maybe)it deeper that it looks.Wavii let’s users chose 12 topics of interest AND also detects users likes via users activity.

“We do it by teaching computers to read everything that is reported or shared on the internet, and automatically produce interesting social content about it,” it says on its site.

According to annalist,this could be used to improve Google’s search results or track us and make us watch the worst ads they can provide.Or block people who have AdBlock from YouTube.Wait,what?

I hope you enjoyed the post.




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