Microsoft working on 7 or 8 inch tablets running Windows

Microsoft’s Surface tablet

Microsoft has pretty much confirmed its long-standing rumour that its working on a 7-inch Windows 8 tablet.

Outgoing Microsoft CFO Peter Klein said at the company’s third-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday afternoon said that Microsoft was working with partners to produce “a new suite of small touch devices powered by Windows”that would be avilable”in the coming months”However,despite all the support for this thing in the last few sentences,Klein didn’t indicate that Microsoft would be making a small tablet running Windows.But considering Microsoft’s recent foray into the tablet market,it’s not out of the question.

This is after The Wall Street Journal reported that Microsoft was developing a 7-inch tablet for release later this year.Although,a 7-inch tablet isn’t part of the company’s tablet plan last spring Microsoft executives  reportedly realising that they need something to compete with the Google Nexus 7 and devices like that because consumers are buying a lot of those devices and Microsoft wants more money.

This smaller version is subject to lots of speculation after Microsoft announced that it was relaxing the minimum resolution for Windows 8 devices,this suggests that Microsoft is getting ready to release the rumoured a 7-inch tablet.Or that Microsoft is letting manufactures make devices with Windows 8 and lower resolutions.

To claim Windows 8 certification,a tablet must have a resolution of at least 1,024×768.Before the change,the minimum resolution was 1366×768.

Also,during the conference call,Klein also announced that he’ll be leaving the company at the end of the fiscal year .Like I said above,he was outgoing.Therefore,you probably knew that he was leaving.

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