Microsoft has requested components which could let them build a touch-enabled smart watch device,according to The Wall Street Journal.

The technology giant has reportedly asked suppliers in Asia to ship parts that would let them build a touch screen watch,according to executives at the supplier.One executive said that he had met with research and development at Microsoft .However,it’s unclear that Microsoft will commit itself to the device.

As we know,Microsoft has dabbed in this sector before,with Microsoft’s Smart Personal Objects Technology (SPOT).Microsoft was marketing devices with SPOT and partnered with watchmakers like Fossil, Suunto, and Swatch on high-end,touchscreen watches that cost a LOT of money.However,after investing lost of money,Microsoft pulled the plug on SPOT in 2008.

If this rumour is real,Microsoft will join tech leaders that are reportedly to make wrist worn tech.Apple has been rumoured to be experimenting with wristwatch-like iOS devices with curved glass.Plus,Bloomberg reported that Apple has 100 people working on the project.To add weight to  these rumours,Apple board member Bill Campbell talked about devices like Google Glass.

An executive at Samsung told Bloomberg that the giant had been working on wearable devices and has “been preparing the watch product for so long.”Patent applacation,which was made by Google,is taking the spotlight for wearable technology with its Google Glass,shows a timepiece with clear touch screen that flips up to serve as a secondary display!

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