TechnoTopTen:reasons you should buy a Galaxy S4

I know,I know:the S4 came out a few months ago.However,it’s my blog and I can do what I want.OK?

Anyway,the Galaxy S4 is one of my favorite phones of all time.Don’t ask me why.Plus,I want to do a top 10 so I’m doing the reasons to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Number 10:The design

Some Samsung phones

The S4’s design has the same design language as the S3,meaning that it looks like amazing.Plus,the bigger 5-inch screen really fits the phone very well.As well as the TouchWizz,which is the default skin for the Galaxy S4 and other Samsung smartphones,looks really good and is perfect to quickly look at to check the time.And who said that the design was only on the outside?

Number 9:The cameras

I really like camera in Samsung smartphones,and the S4 is no exception.I think that the colors are very crisp and the front camera is perfect for video chatting and recording your ramblings(I record my rambles,what can I say).However,there’s isn’t much to say really.So,let’s go on to the next part.

Number 7:Eye tracking and stuff

When we were speculatin’ about the S4,there were conflicting reports about whether it would or wouldn’t have eye tracking software.No that’s it’s released we know it has.Anyway,there are two features that use eye tracking:Smart Pause and Smart Scroll.

Firstly,Smart Scroll.Smart scroll,if you haven’t guess what it does already,let’s you scroll using your eyes.It works very well and is a good feature if you’re a commuter and have one hand on the strap and an other hand on something else.Also,it’s built of the Galaxy S3’s Smart Stay which stops the phone dimming the screen when your reading something.

The other feature,Smart Pause,will pause a video when your eyes go away from the screen.The feature didn’t work as well(in my opinion)but I still liked it.

Number 6:Android OS/apps

I love Android,I even like it more than iOS.That’s saying something.Anyway,the S4 runs Android 4.2.2  Jelly Bean.That’s the most recent version of Android you can get.Also,the skin is TouchWizz which is getting a bit old and isn’t as good as it can be.Nevertheless,I personally like TouchWizz so I’m the black sheep in the tech world thing.

Number 5:the performance


I know this should be part of the stats bit,which is below,but I think the performance is amazing.The 1.9 GHZ quad-core/1.6 8-core processors are amazing and there a dream to have under the hood.Apps normaly load very quickly and the  speed is good.Also,there is a ampal amount of storage and,if you run out of space some how,you can expand the memory by using a Micro SD card.Add 2GB of RAM and you have a beast of a phone.

Number 4:the stats

The specs are nothing to laugh at,with 2GB of RAM and 1.9/1.6 GHZ processors and a  2,600mAh battery.This is a big rival to the iPhone 5/52(if it’s called that)and the HTC One.However,there’s not much to talk about so let’s go on to the next part of this post.Go on,go on to the next part.Now.

Number 3:the screen

AMOLED screens are amazing and I love Samsung AMOLED screens,therefore I love the screen on the S4.The colours are crisp and are very detailed.I’d even go to say,that’s it almost as good as Apple’s Retnia display!Although, the HTC One has the same kind of quality as the S4.

Number 2:NFC and things like that

I know,I know.Many phones have NFC and other things like that,however I really like the way the S4 does it(if you get what I mean).The S4 has an integrated QR code reader,which I think is pretty cool,so you don’t have to download an QR code reader app.Why you don’t want to do that I’ll never know.The NFC is quite good,and that’s it for NFC and this part.So,on to number 1(drumroll sound).

Number 1:pretty much everything

What can I say?I love the S4,everything amazing.The camera,the OS,the design,the everything.It’s one of the best phones on the market.If you buy it,you can’t go wrong.The image is just random,I couldn’t think of anything.

I hope you enjoyed it.But for now,

see ya!


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