Hey guys,I’m back!

I enjoyed my holiday,although the heating didn’t work,BOTH the TV’ didn’t work,there was no hot water,the tap had a mind of its own….Let’s just say,there was a lot of problems.So,we reported the problems and the customer service was very good.The rep was very friendly and she solved all the problems that we reported(listed above).

I was pretty tired,therefore I went to the local restaurant.The pizza/chips were alright,however the potato was cold and tasteless.So I complained,again,and got some vouchers for the same cafe.Fortuntly,the food was better.

Also,I have got everyone rock!YAY.Champ12345678910 I have some for you and you.However,I can’t mail it to you so I’ll have to eat it.

If you want me to try to mail it to you,send a letter to:

  • PO BOX 9563I887
  • Fattie Drive
  • Rockey Hill
  • Massive but

Please label the letter”I want some damm candy because I’m  a rock lover.”Also,can you send me your credit card number.Ect.

Anyway,I’m of to bed.I’m reallt tired so…

See ya.


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