Another Apple hack:iMessage message

The amazing messaging service,iMessage,has found to be vulnerable to an attach which sends a flood of messages,or a message so long it renders the app unstable.Then,when the app is unstable,it has the chance of crashing your i device.

If you don’t know what iMessage is,let me tell you the details.Imessage is Apple’s proprietary messaging service that let’s you talk to people who have an i device or a Mac.

The Next Web reports that a small group of developers have been targeted with an attack of that nature.

“Who would do such a thing?”you may ask.Well,the source is expected to be someone who has been involved with hacks like this before and could have gotten some basic info to send to another person.The hacker might be using throwaway email accounts,therefore making it harder to track him.According to The Next Web.

The hack comes hot on the heels of the password reset hack.Apple is getting hack a lot.


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