Apple has gone to something good to something not so good

Have you had someone trying to sell you something?They say that you’ll love it.Beccause of all the stuff Samsung is doing,Apple is reminding is that “we all love the iPad.”(Samsung,this is your fault).

Apple's weird thing.I don't love iPad Apple

Apple’s ad on their webpage.

And when you buy it from the salesman,you find that you don’t love the product.That’s the thing,they don’t know if you’ll love it.Unless,the salesman is a time and space travel.Who goes forward in time and knows that you’ll love it.Then he’ll know if you will love it.

This seems that it’s part of Apple’s new internet advert campain.The iPhone already has its awkward advert campain.All of this is after Samsung’s sexist and awkward launch of the S4.Is it me or is the tech world awkward?

However,the iPad doesn’t have obvious competition.Although,there are rumours that Apple cut some of the supply of the iPad Mini due to increased competition.But,this is theviPad.Not the iPad Mini.

The advert is everything that’s high about the iPad(apart from the price) and put it in an advert.They even include icare.That feature will get an ambulance to rescue your iPad if it is in trouble(not really).

Gadgets are often referred as toys,now everyone behaves like a child,kinda.They always want something more.That’s the point.

Well,that’s it.I hope you liked it.:)


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