Rumour:Apple cuts iPad mini shipments,iPad Mini 2 coming soon?

Apple has reportedly cut shipments of first-gen iPad Mini shipments,does this mean that the iPad Mini coming out soon?

Digitimes reports that Apple’s shipments are down by 10-12 million units in Q2!That’s a 20 percent cut from regular shipments.

However,this is not the only reason.Apperntly,Apple made the cuts because of “Because of increased competition from 7-inch tablets.”Basicly,Apple is getting beat.Which is weird because they are the tablet king.

I know.People think the iPad mini is overpriced and they want a cheaper tablet.Then you have tablet like the kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7 and buy them.Then,they tell their friend and then they get Android tablets and so on.

I think that this is a good indication for a iPad Mini 2 coming soon,suppliers removing stock is a good thing.Most of the time.




Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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