T-Mobile gets the iPhone,YAY

T-Mobile’s “Uncarrier” event has finished,and the only thing that I care about. T-Mobile,finally,will be getting the iPhone on April 12.YAY,but I won’t be getting 4G anytime soon.:( (FYI,you’ll need to pay a $99 deposit and will offer no contract on something else.).

This being an event,T-Mobile did a LOT of emphasising on how this plan is better(I’ll be the judge of that).apparently,you could save $1000 using the iPhone on T-Mobile than AT&T(I hate AT&T).Also,older gen iPhone will be of sale as well and the iPhone 5 will run on T-Mobile’s amazing 4G LTE!

Of course,all events have rumours.This is no exception.CNET reported that an iPhone announcement was expected.T-Mobile is the last of the major carriers to get the iPhone,doing this they hope will improve customer retention.

Speaking of which,let’s talk about that.T-Mobile has been losing customers here,there and everywhere.To companys like AT&T and Sprint because they have good phones.Simple as.

“But,people have used iPhones on T-Mobile networks,”you might say.Well,people have bought the phone unlocked and then put them on the T-Mobile’s network.However,this phones don’t perform as well as phones on AT&T which are locked the AT&T network.

Also,at the event,T-Mobile launched their 4G network,YAY and there is some confusing 4G stuff that I won’t go into.

Anyway,I hope you enjoyed this post.:)


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