Updates and stuff

Hi,everyone.Since there isn’t anything going on in the tech world so I’m doing this.:)

Firstly,from Monday to Friday I’ll not be posting.This is because I’m going on holiday,yay for me.I will try to find a WiFi hotspot to write a post,however that’s unlikely.Sorry.

For the site,nothing much.I’ll be doing the same as I’ve always been doing.So,yeah.

Not a long post but I’m busy so enjoy the rest of my posts.:)



3 thoughts on “Updates and stuff

  1. Hello the viewers of Technobullet.

    I’m afraid that I don’t write on Technobullet anymore. However, I have left you with a fantastic writer called Will who I’m sure will carry on to entertain you with his posts.

    Bye from me,

  2. At the moment the only good tech blogs I can find are cnet and this blog. Do you know any other good websites that are just like this one? And I don’t mean a really popular blog like TechnoBuffalo. Just a blog like this.

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