Apple hack fixed

As you may know,Apple has been hacked!Howeverthis has been fixed(fortunately for me)so now we can…Wait,why is my iPhone acting weird?

Firstly,about the hack.The hack would let hackers reset the unfortunate user’s account,via the account reset page.And then they can do a load of horrible stuff and the hackers can take over you tech life and….Yeah,it was bad.

Apple,being a big company,took the website off the web.Meanwhile,they devolved a fix.Then,all us media guys found and wrote posts about it,that’s are job.However,they did talk about it to CNET.Unlike when the iPhone has a problem,they stay as quiet as a quiet thing.

Fortunately,for me,it didn’t work for users of Apple’s two-step verification(the feature was introduced on Thursday so not many people had it.).The feature would let users send a PIN to users who have lost their password,which I do a lot.Therefore,you don’t need to answer a security question.

However,some people with Apple ID’s were told that they’d have to wait 3 days,3 DAYS!(1st World problems).Also,this service is only for  users in:U.S,Britain,Australia,Ireland, and New Zealand.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post:).


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