The S4,what to expect

Samsung’s new flagship phone is coming out tomorrow and here is my list of things to expect to find on the Galaxy S4.

Number 1:Screen

It’s one of the biggest things on the phone,it’s going to be something that they are going upgrade!The phone may have a 5 inch screen(going towards phablet territory) and would compete with phone like the Sony Xperia Z.Samsung also likes super AMOLED screen,which are amazing,and I wouldn’t be surprised if they brung back AMOLED “plus” from the S2 to compete with the retina displays.Maybe?

Number 2:Operating System/new version of Touchwizz

It’s expected that it’ll run the latest version of Android Jelly Bean(4.2.1)(like many other new phones) and a new interface for Touchwizz(Samsung’s skin over Android).And it might be upgradeable to the next version of Android(whenever that comes out).

Number 3:Processor

There has been a debate over weather Samsung will use a quad-core processor,like in the S3 and the Note,or Samsung will use its new Exynos processor,however gizmophiliacs says that it’s not coming because of overheating issues.(by the way,it has 8 core’s which is triple times the cores of my PC.I think that they’ll use the newer one because it’s a beast.But it’s a bit expensive and the phone,being new,will cost a LOT of money.

Number 4:Wireless charging

Many new phones(apart from the iPhone 5/5S(maybe)have wireless charging(or at least the Windows phones).And this could make some good ground ageist Microsoft.Also,they mentioned this when they released the S3 but it didn’t deliver.

Number 5:camera

The 8MP camera that Samsung has stuck with since the S2 so it’s time for a rethink,so it’s probably coming on the’ll problely be super amazing(13MP) because they’ll use it for the S5 as well.Also,making the front camera better is also likely.

Number 6:Battery

It powers the phone,and because of all the new stuff it will need more power.The S3 has an 2100mAh so with all that power-hungry stuff it’s will need a bigger boat.Sorry,battery.Or the battery will be garbage.

Number 7:Home button,or lack of

Samsung is planning to remove the home button on the S4,but talk about this have been since pre-S3 times.However,this is unlikely.

Number 8:specs

Ok,OK,I know it’s not a feature but I’d like to go over it.According to gizmophiliacs the specs will be..

  • 4,99″ Full-HD SoLux Display
  • Snapdragon 600 1.9 Ghz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 16, 32 or 64 GB
  • 13 Megapixel
  • 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7mm
  • 138 gram
  • Home button with touch buttons
  • Plastic back with aluminium sides
  • Removable battery
  • Black / White

The rest of the specs are unknown.

Number 9:The look

The looks of smartphones are changing,look at the HTC one and iPhone.They’ve changed and so will the S4,hopefully.(and if it doesn’t I’ll eat my jeans).However,it doesn’t look likely( so I’ll have to eat my jeans).:)

Number 10:price and release date

The two biggest things on my list,this will make or break it,for me.Anyway,people expect it to come out at the end of April/begging of May.The price tag is unknown but it’s going to be a LOT.

I hope you liked it and Paper Mario should be updated tomorrow.


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