Apple,just give us a new Mac Pro

Apple’s habit of keeping thing out,but not all the way.Is frustrating the users of one of its oldest and best product(only my opinion):the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro is Apple’s big desktop towers for pro users,hence the name.Anyway,it’s only used by pro users because it starts at £2049 for the quad-core version.The 12 core version costs £3099 which is over £1000 more than the quad core.It’s expensive,but pro users can pay that kinda money(because many of them are rich,but they work hard for it).

However,many of them are losing interest in this product because of all the refreshes that Apple keep doing and not knowing what the future holds(who does,but you get what I mean).And these people watch and watch and watch rumours of their product.So if They’re annoyed,think about if we were in the same situation.

And don’t think that I’m just making stuff up,Lou Borella created a Facebook group called”We Want A new Macpro,”(yes,this exists).This started last May and has almost 20,000 likes.She says”If you’re not going to release on a yearly cycle, let us know. You’re not going to lose us. You’re going to lose us because you’re not saying anything.”Wow,she means business.

This reached the edge when Apple,who had not updated the pro in 2 years,updated the Mac Pro,with new stuff.But,for some people,this was to little,to late.

The reason people thin that it was what I said above because the improved stuff wasn’t the mega high-end stuff that the “pros”expected.And to add insult to injury,the stuff that they liked was in other Mac’s.Yes,I’m being serious.

The tension between the “pros” and Apple is getting close to breaking point(or quite far to other people),many “pros” who were interview by CNET sayed that said that they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.They don’t want to switch to Windows but think that the Mac Pro is not good.

This is the problem,Apple is not adding stuff like Thunderbolt,USB 3.0(which I think it has) and all other stuff.Back in the good ol’ days,the Pro was the first to get anything that was on Apple computers.It was the first to make the jump to Intel chips and it got all the Apple goodies like the Superdrive.

However,this is not the good ol’ days,this is the bad future days.The tables have turned.Now,the Pro doesn’t get like anything.But Apple reasons are simple:most people now are buying portable machines and not desktops.Also,out of the desktops they sell,the Pro makes up a small portion.

But people buy the Mac Pro,why?You may ask.Well it has somethings “pros” like,you can have dual processors and double the storage and RAM of other Apple computers.

Don’t despair,Apple has provided a few hints on what the new Mac Pro will have in store.And that it’s coming later this year,which is what they’re always saying about this.

But the software is also letting “pros” down,this includes Aperture,Apple’s photo editing software,and music production software Logic.And even the OS needs some TLC.

However,some “pros” have made the jump to Windows from Mac and I assume that it’s a success for them.

And Apple’s rivals,who is every else in the computer world,has taken note to,this.PC makers like Dell have offered “pros” with stuff like half price workstations and stuff like that.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in the next post.


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