Windows 8,what now could go wrong?

Well,this.According to a IDC,Microsoft needs to make Windows 8 more user frendly.I agree,it’s b

This was raised in a conversation as Bob O’Donnell volunteered this statement.(which is actually  very true)

There were certain decisions that Microsoft made that were in retrospect flawed. Notably not allowing people to boot into desktop mode and taking away the start button. Those two things have come up consistently. We’ve done some research and people miss that.

And there are a lot of people who as soon as they boot into Windows 8, they go to desktop mode and do most their work there and occasionally back to Metro. But the point being their much more comfortable with desktop mode.

Like I said above,all that is true.Anyway,the issues he raises are that most people use the desktop mode and that problem has been there since beta forms.

But,as we know,Windows 8 sales are terrible so maybe re-thinking the design of it might be a good idea.Who knows,it might fix this Microsoft curse thing.

“It’s possible [Microsoft] is making changes to the OS [to allow a boot to desktop mode]. There’s a lot of debate about it. Certainly if you talk to PC vendors, they’d like to see Microsoft do that. Because they recognize some of the challenges that consumers are facing.”

Anyway,there is one point that is the most true:NOBODY UNDERSTANDS METRO(simples).It’s like an operating system in an operating system,it doesn’t work.Then you get the grannys’ who can’t even open internet explorer in metro,yet can do it in desktop mode.Then you get the kids who go in and delete the bootloader so the PC can’t start.

Anyway,after that insane rant,Metro has a place(IN HELL).it’s good if you have a touch screen like of the Microcrap surface(sorry,Microsoft).It’s good for apps as well.But if you need to do work(which is what Windows is for)it’s bullsh**.


2 thoughts on “Windows 8,what now could go wrong?

  1. I love the metro mode, I think it’s so much easier to see everything together like it is than in desktop mode trying to find all the buttons!

    • Yeah, I like having all the items near where I start on my computer, but I use desktop mode most of the time. Just can’t get use to Metro. 😦

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