Nokia owes Microsoft $650M,no kiddin’

Yes,and I thought Nokia had a lot of debt.Oh wait,this is support from Microsoft.But the money is financed,by me(not really).

The money will be payed across the life of the agreement(that’s the finance part),this also takes into account the “Platform Support Payments” or what Microsoft wants to boost their profit margin.But says that’s to improve the OS.Anyway,the length of this agreement is not known by me so we won’t know how long it will be.

However,Nokia hasn’t really taken a hit from all the licensing fees that they have to pay Microsoft because of the platform support things.Nokia pays Microsoft quarterly payment of $250 million.Yeah,do you think they’re not paying the money? I do.

Plus,Nokia reiterated its target of growing its device and services revenue(money they get before charges)faster than the rest of the big dogs(broader market) and yield 10% of its profit margins(excluding 1 time products).However,Nokia is,well,not doing well in the smartphone business.

One area that they want to focus on is the Chinese market,because they say that this area is  “very difficult market for us.”Back in the past,Nokia had worked with a network of people who sell them and resellers,but now carriers are bundling everything together so we can have lower priced smartphones.This practice has hurt Nokia in the past few years.Yeah right,tell tails.

This has been shown in the new Lumia’s,which are cheaper,for emerging market at Mobile World Congress.(to self)why is there so much focus on emerging markets.

But the future for Nokia might be turning around,with a joint venture with Siemens Networks.Which will provide,rubbish,telecom equipment(yeah,the big save).The idea is to devote more resources into 4G LTE in places like Japan(Well,good luck you guys).


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