iWatch…coming soon?

Apple’s rumoured iWatch might be coming this year,according to Bloomberg.

As everyone knows,everyone is focused on the iTV.But I’m different,I believe that the iWatch will be better.

The popularity of smart watch things(they really don’t have a categories) have increased massively in the past few years.With things like the FitBit 1 or the FitBit Zip,Nike FuelBand.It’s quite  a trend,really quite big.

To further prove this,Bloomburg noted that Apple had 59 patents which have the word ‘wrist’ in the title/name(or whatever their called).And one contained  said “wearable accessory device” that would display photos and video,which are pretty convincing words.

However not everything positive,the main reason is the iPhone.This would hurt the iPhone sales.And the iPhone is where Apple makes a lot of money,a lot.Then again,Samsung’s S4 is coming  on the 14th and this would also hurt their sales.Kinda like a double-edged sword.

Anyway,thanks for reading and I hope you like,comment and follow.It will really support me.


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