OMG,here comes the S4

Well,the rumours are true.Samsung sent out an invitation on Twitter to its launch event,which will be held on March 14th.In New York.

Before we go into the details,I’ll tell you about when and where it’ll take place.Anyway,the event will take place on Thursday March 14th at 7PM ET time.It will also be streamed on Samsung’s Youtube channel.

The event is dubbed as”Samsung Unpacked Episode 1″.And it says that Samsung wants you to meet the Galaxy.To make the rumour stronger it teases people by having the number 4 in the phrase”ready 4 show”.I think that in those phrases,they have given away the whole point of the show.

This is confirmed by Samsung telling CNET where and when it would release the S4  and the date is March 14th.This means that it’s certin.It’s coming out.Bad time to have got an S3.

Even though we know a lot about the event,we don’t know much about the phone.But,according to rumours,it will have a ton of new features.Well at least we have a rough idea.

Well,this is the bit where I talk about the specs.It’ll have Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and 4.99 inch SuperAmoled(that means super amazing quality).It will also have a 8 CORE Exynos processor with separate graphics processor.This phone in a mobile Mac Pro,in my opinion.Anyway,it would have 2GB of RAM and a 13 megapixel rear camera with 1080p recording.And a 2 megapixel camera on the front.

CNET also reported that they might put on an extra layer of security with their Knox software,this would add extra value the government agencies or company’s who have strict security requirements.Also,the processor would add extra value to company’s because they can use their high resource programs.just that they are in the form of apps.Man,BlackBerry are having lots of competition from phones for business.

Well,that’s the end of this post,I hoped you enjoyed it.And I hope you see the rest of my posts.:)



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