Apple and Samsung are told they can’t sue each other,kinda

A district judge told Apple and Samsung that they need to trim down a case before it comes to trial early next year.Yay,here we go again.

Lucy Koh,who handled the last Apple vs Samsung case,told them that they need to shorten the list accused products and patent clams in the upcoming case.Judge Koh told the lawers”You’ve already been litigating this thing for a year; you must know something about what’s your best case,”

The ruling,which was reported by Bloomberg earlier today,would limit 25 patent clams and 25 products.Meaning that they could have 50 accusations or whatever there called against the other company.Which I think is a lot.Anyway,back on to the thing I was talking about.This is a step to the trial going on March 31st 2014.Unless the company’s settle(which is unlikely) or the trial is put on hold.

The trial deals with a newer set of devices from both manufactures,as well as patents.

Firstly,Apple is suing Samsung for its Galaxy Nexus because it infringed four of its patents,the case has grown to include the Galaxy S3 and Note 2,as well as other Samsung products.

Samsung counter clam against iPhone 5.

The last time Apple have a big victory over Samsung in the same courtroom,with $1.05 billion dollars in damages.

Well this is the end of this post,I hope you enjoyed this post.


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