Yes, I know it is a bit early to be calling the shots but the apple watch is set to make a debut in our shops soon. Rumors have been floating around like blue shirts in an apple store but I’m sure (99%) that this rumor will be true; we will have to wait until WWDC 2013 to find out!

On Technobullet, we never hide the truth so I am going to tell you that people are against the Iwatch like microsoft and apple! Critics say that nobody needs a touchscreen watch or one with siri on it .

Personally, I think that that all a watch should do is tell you the time, you should not be able to talk to it (Siri) or use it as a touch screen. Before  I leave you I am going to ask you some questions:

Is the Iwatch worth hastle?

Is it going too far?

Or is it going to be a pain seeing people talking to their wrist in the street?!

From Adam


2 thoughts on “APPLE WATCH (RUMOR HAS IT)

    • Well to me it is still a bad idea.But people have came out and are selling iwatches(or smartwatches which is an iWatch).And people are buying them.So maybe one day you’ll get one,I would.Despite not liking them.

Reply to this,please(I'll give you £100,maybe)

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